CVC-Principal Investigator: Dr. Fernando Vilariño
Fernando Vilariño is Associate Professor in the Dep. of Computer Sience, UAB. He is also the head of Research projects in the VI group of the CVC. He is a former Research Fellow of the GV2  group in TCD.
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Dr. Dan Norton
Dan Norton is Artist and associated researcher to the Computer Vision Centre at the VI group. He exhibits in a variety of forums, including the Fine Art, Technology and Science conferences, Film and Music Festivals. He completed his doctoral thesis in 2013, as part of the RCUK digital economy program.
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Onur Ferhat
Onur Ferhat is a Ph.D. student in the VI group, and an assistant teacher in the Department of Computer Science, UAB Barcelona. He has been granted with a research grant from the UAB and he is currently developing his Ph.D. He has completed his undergraduate studies in the Computer Engineering Department, Bogazici University, Turkey. He studied supervised learning algorithms in his final project for his computer engineering title.
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Arcadi Llanza
Arcadia Llanza is a graduate student in the VI group.  He has been granted by the CVC  for deploying his final year project and  final year practicum during 2015 for the improvement of eye-tracking interaction with webcams. He has completed his undergraduate studies in the Computer Science Dep. UAB.
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Ramon Aranda
Ramon Aranda Llanza is a graduate student in the VI group.  He has been  deploying his final year project  during 2015 for the study of methods for the interaction with digital objects with head motions only. He has completed his undergraduate studies in the Computer Science Dep. UAB.
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Former Members


Aram Julkahyan

Aram Julkahyan is a former student in MV, and an collaborating teacher in the Dep. of Computer Science, UAB Barcelona. He holds a BSc on Computing Sciences. He studied Technical Systems Engineering at Universitat de Barcelona and Computing Sciences at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.He has been developing on several platforms for nine years. He is specialized in mobile platforms. Aram founded Omnidic, an open source project for developing an open, customizable dictionary over mobile devices. He also founded


Visiting Researchers

Dr Anarta Ghosh
Anarta Ghosh is a research fellow in the GV2  group of Trinity College Dublin, Dublin. He collaborates in different projects together with the MV group. He has published multiple high impact factor contributions in the specific area of shape analysis, which will be one of the most relevant fields of study for polyp characterization. In addition, his expertise in Computational Neuroscience experiments at the University of Washington at Seattle, US will be of great relevance for the perception studies. Anarta was an invited speaker for the CVC Seminars in November 2009.
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Dr Gerard Lacey
Gerry Lacey graduated in Computer Engineering from Trinity College Dublin.Gerry is a senior lecturer in GV2 . He was founder, CEO and CTO of Haptica. His research interests are in Computer Vision, Augmented Reality and mobile service robots. He has visited the us in different occasions and gave an invited talk at the CVC on June 2007.
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Farhan Riaz
Farhan Riaz is a Ph.D. student in the Dep. de Ciencia de Computadores da Faculatade de Porto, Portugal. He collaborates with different research projects of the MV group, in which he stayed for a 3-monts stay from September to Novmeber 2010. He received his B.E. in Computer Engineering in the Faculty of Computer Engineering of the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering of the National University of Sciences and Technology.
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