Fernando Vilariño


Position: Group Responsible for Research Projects
Level: Associate Director at Computer Vision Centre (CVC).
Associate Professor at Comp. Sience Dep. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).
President of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)
Phone: +34 93 581 2691
Email:  fernando (at) cvc.uab.es
Social: Here my profiles at Google ScholarLinkedIn, and Twitter


(4-page CV)

My research interest is focused on Image Processing and Machine Learning. I received my Ph.D. in 2006 and I have spent research stages in leading institutions in the area of Computer Vision and Machine Learning, such as the Computer Vision Centre in Barcelona, Spain, the School of Informatics in Bangor Univ. Wales, U.K., and the Computer Science Dep. in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. I was granted with the Ramon y Cajal Grant from the Spanish government in 2009, I am currently holding an Associate Professor position at Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona, and I am Associate Director at the Computer Vision Centre.

I have participated in diverse competitive research projects, and different projects of technology transfer and research contracts with private institutions. The contributions of my research have been published in international peer-reviewed indexed journals of top impact factor and I am the co-author of 5 patents, currently under exploitation. I have been co-organizer of different international events and I have given invited talks for the Univ. of Wales, Trinity College Dublin and Porto Univ.

I am the PI of different projects in the area of Computer Vision, and through my work as Associate Director of the CVC I have participated in the design of technology transfer mechanisms for the creation of a number of spin-offs from technology assets of the CVC. I am particularly interested in paradigms of Open Innovation and Open Science, and I have implemented a model of Living Labs (librarylivinglab.com) for the fast prototyping of novel products and services. In this context, I am particularly interested in novel paradigms for the transfer of Computer Vision-based technologies in the area of Culture for the (re-) valorisation digital collections. My current research here investigates the use of eye-tracking technologies and their potential uses to link physical and digital objects, for which I was gratend with the Google Research Award in 2014.

I have my lecturing in differnt subjects of the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering at the Engineering School UAB, and I also participate as a teacher in the Master in Computer Vision, UAB.

I am member, and the current Elected Chairperson of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). In addition, I am member of the following organizations:  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Asociación Española de Reconocimiento de Formas y Análisis de Imágenes (AERFAI), Eye Movement’s Researchers Association (EMRA), European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST). I am a close collaborator of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) with whom I participate as an advisor for the EU Open Science, Open Innovation and Open to the World (O3) strategy in the context of the European Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP).

Keywords: Medical Imaging, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Endoscopy, Eye Tracker, Technology Transfer, Living Lab, Mobile Learning.

Academic background

  • B.Sc. in Physics, Univ. Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • M.Sc. in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence in Univ. Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
  • Ph.D. degree by Univ. Autònoma de Barcelona.

Recent Projects

Eye Tracking

Novel paradigms for the use of tecnology in society

  • A Living Lab for the Libray of the Future. Computer Vision in the context of culture and Citizen Science. Funded by UAB, CVC and Municipality of Sant Cugat, Barcelona.
  • Mobile Learning. Using mobile technologies in the framework of the European Space for Higer Education. Funded by Catalonian Gov.

Medical Imaging

Keynote speaker

Invited speaker

Exhibitions and participation in workshops

  •  “Autonomous driving and computer vision”. ConnectedDriver. Brussels 2019-02-06.
  • “Living Labs for Citizen Science”. ECSITE workshop. Barcelona, Spain. 2018-11-16
  • “The European Network of Living Lab beyond the Manifesto for Innovation in Europe”. 2nd Innovation Camp. Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 2018-10-27-28
  • “Living Labs for transnational collaboration in the EU framework”. European Week of Cities and Regions. Brussels 2018-10-09.
  • Fernando Vilariño and István Szakáts. “The Manifesto for Innovation in Europe”. Open Living Lab Days. Geneva, Switzerland. 2018-08-24.”
  • Giant insects and interactive visual poems in the Library”. Libraries2020, #GenerationCode,  EU Code Week. Brussels, October 2016.
  • “Creative Engagement in Digital Collections”. Internet Librarian Conference 2015. London. October 2015.
  • “Imaging: 9 Examples for the use of  Computer Vision in Performing Arts”. Video installation at KAMS Connection – PAMS 2015, Seoul Korea. October 2015.
  • “Gaze interaction”. Workshop KAMS Connection at IPAM, GREC Festival, Barcelona, Spain. July 2015.
  • “Memory Fields Installation”. BCNLab at SONAR+D 2015.
  • “Studying the interface of Memory Fields”. Library Living Lab – Barcelona. Biblioteca Miquel Batllori, Sant Cugat del Valles. Barcelona. July 2015.
  • “Memory Fields: DJs in the Library“. ISEA 2015 (paper and exhibition accepted), Vancouver, Canada. August 2015.
  • WIRKT Workshop on Interdisciplinary Research and Knowledge Transfer. Hangar Barcelona July 2014.
  • Net.BcnLab: Group dynamics in creative communities of Barcelona. Barcelona July 2013.
  • Sinergy Workshop: Theory, practice in interdisciplinary research. Hangar Barcelona July 2013.

I was the director of the following Final Study Projects in Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Robotics

(1)  The Titan Xp hardware used for this research was donated by the NVIDIA Corporation Program, and it was used to train deep learning algorithms.

  • Manuel Santiago. “Deep Learning: Neural Networks for Generating Music”.  2017 (1)  Download the document here
  • Alejandro Garcia. “Mejora de librerias de gestión de color basadas en ICC Profiles eliminando pasos de interpolación”, 2017 (1). Download the document here
  • Cristian Espinosa. “Clasificación de imágenes de flores mediante técnicas de deep learning”., 2017 (1) Download the document here
  • Daniel Garcia. “rojectes amb Arduino i RaspberryPi: Creació d’un dossier de projectes per l’assignatura de Robòtica, Llenguatge i Planificació”, 2017. Download the document here
  • Daniel Herbon. “Dron aerostático de seguimiento por VPC (Visión por Computador)”, 2017. Download the document here
  • Jordi Gonzalez.  “Mejora de librerias de gestión de color basadas en ICC Profiles eliminando pasos de interpolación”, 2017 (1). Download the document here.
  • Jesus Lopez. “Leaf Recognition with Deep Learning and Keras using GPU computing”, 2017 (1) Download the document here
  • Josemaria Bello.”Asistente virtual de la UAB mediante la IA de Watson, IBM Cloud, NodeJS/Python y Blue Prismi”, 2017. Download the document here
  • Daniel Garcia. “Projectes amb Arduino i RaspberryPi: Creació d’un dossier de projectes per l’assignatura de Robòtica, Llenguatge i Planificació”, 2017. Download the document here
  • Lakshmi Narayanan. “Building an Interactive Robot using 3-D Printing”, 2016. Download the document here.
  • Kevin Subrt. “Design and implementation of a Web manager for Collections of Multimedia Contents”, 2016. Download the document here
  • Victor Cruz. “Instal.lació multimèdia interactiva activada per control de moviment corporal”, 2016. Download the document here
  • Aitor Domene. “Sistema de videovigilancia a través de una Raspberry Pi”, 2016. Download the document here
  • Daniel Garcia. “Interaction with multimedia contents with a Leapmotion device”, 2015. Download the document here
  • Lluis Falco. “Design and implementation of a Web manager for Collections of Multimedia Contents”, 2015. Download the document here
  • Pere Colomer. “Interaction with digital objects in JavaScript”, 2015. Download the document here
  • Jordi Sans. “Disseny d’una activitat pedagògica musical amb visió per computador”, 2015.  Download the document here
  • Andres Sanchez. “Estudio de validación de software eyetracker y headtracker para interacción web en JavaScript”, 2015.  Download the document here
  • Didac Campos. “Implementacio d’algorismes d’interacció amb la mirada Gaze-Based Human-Computer Interaction”, 2015. Download the document here
  • Arcadi Llanza. “Configuración de un Eye-Tracking basad en Webcam: Implementación de un novedosoalgoritmo de estimación de la mirada”, 2014. Download the document here
  • Xavier Riu. “Setup and Strategy for a VEX Robot Competition”, 2014. Download the document here
  • Ramon Aranda. “Estudi qualitatiu i quantitatiu de l’estat de l’art per a la interacció amb moviments del cap”, 2014.  Download the document here
  • Daniel Jimenez. “Computer Vision applied to autonomous robots using Raspberry Pi”, 2013.  Download the document here